If you decided to visit Koh Samui and immerse yourself in this lovely city, our activities will surely help you have a blast during your long awaited vacation. We offer you a plethora of activities that include outdoor trips, sightseeing and water tours.

Those who love the great outdoors will surely fall in love with the canopy ride, a ride both adults and children enjoy. Of course, this is for those who are a bit more daring but you might surprise yourself and still give it a try during your visit even if you feel squeamish at the thought. If you want something worth remembering the elephant trip in the jungle might be just the thing you need. You will be able to see the amazing sights and have a story for back home. Also, if you want to see even more amazing things don’t forget to visit the amazing Tiger Zoo and the Koh Samui Snake Farm, two venues where you can learn a great deal about these animals. If you are interested in things that are more beautiful, the Koh Samui Butterfly Garden is like a tropical fantasy land where you can admire colorful creatures and great flowers. You will certainly have a unique experience there so make sure that you put this on your To-Do list.

When it comes to the water tours, there are a few amazing things to do, from fishing trips to snorkeling and admiring the beautiful sea life. Also, if you prefer something more romantic and relaxing taking a boat trip to see the surroundings might be just the thing you need. Also, make sure that you visit a really special place in Koh Samui, the Ang Thong National Marine Park, a place where you will explore beautiful islands and learn everything about marine life.