Butterfly Garden

The Koh Samui Butterfly Garden is like stepping into a lush, tropical dream world, with brightly colored flowers to attract the equally brightly colored butterflies.  Here is a tour for the whole family, which is best enjoyed in the morning when the day is still cool and the butterflies are most active.

Located on the side of a hill at Laem Natien, the Koh Samui Butterfly Garden features observation decks and a hillside observatory which boasts sweeping views of the Samui coast line.  Even before you step into the actual garden, you will likely see dozens of butterflies in the surrounding gardens and trees – a small sample of what is to come when you walk through the gates.  Over 100 species of butterflies can be found in Thailand and 25 of these species are on show at the Koh Samui Butterfly Garden.


The enormous, landscaped garden is covered with netting that allows the butterflies to fly around freely, whilst restricting them to the boundaries of the park and protecting them from larger birds and other predators.  The park showcases the life-cycle of a butterfly from egg to caterpillar, being wrapped in a cocoon and finally emerging as a butterfly, and you will learn that their short life span ranges from as little as a week to a whole year, depending on the species.

Along the twisting pathways, feeding platforms will be visible, holding sugared water, flowers or brightly colored fruit to attract the butterflies.  Here you will discover the curious fact that butterflies actually taste with their feet and that they play a vital role in the pollination of flowers.  Fully grown adults will exist entirely on a liquid diet and rely heavily on plant nectar for their survival.  As you make your way through the garden you will also come across a lovely man-made waterfall as well as quaint wooden bee houses which all add to the charm and serenity of the garden.

Surprisingly, there are more than just butterflies housed here, with the park also displaying a range of local insects, from the fascinating stick insect to the un-nerving spiders and more friendly grasshoppers.  With the more well-known elephants and tigers in Thailand, it’s easy to forget that such an interesting world of smaller creatures exists.

This is a tour where you must remember to bring your camera as there will be countless photo opportunities.  If you are lucky, you may even have a butterfly land on top of your head!


170 baht