Canopy Ride

When you’ve reached to point of maximum relaxation and decide that you need to do something a little adventurous to get your heart going again, opt for our Canopy Ride Day Tour which will have you zooming through the tree tops like a bird!  With other tours offering glimpses of the underwater world, or the thick jungles from the ground, this tour gives you a unique perspective of Koh Samui from above.

Koh Samui Canopy Ride 1

Upon arrival at the station, you will receive a full safety briefing about the zip-lines, the equipment and the experience before being fitted with safety harnesses and clips.  Your instructors will explain how to use the equipment and emphasize the importance of staying clipped onto the lines, even when waiting for your turn to ‘fly’.  When everyone is comfortable with the safety procedures and rigged up in their kit, you will head off to the first of the stations from which you will launch yourself.  With over 500 meters of cables to ride, you are in for a thrilling adventure, whilst being secure in the knowledge that you have experienced professionals guiding and assisting you the whole way.

Whilst your first zip may feel a little scary, your fears will soon melt away as you feel yourself gliding along the zipline high up in the tree-tops.  There will be guides to assist you as you leave the platform and guides to receive you as you reach the next one, so you needn’t be concerned with not having any brakes to stop you – all you need to do is enjoy the ride!  The longer lines will give you a little more time to savor the view, and the smaller lines will offer a quick thrill.

As you zip through the tree-top canopy at heart-racing speeds, the surrounding jungle may seem like a bit of a blur, but when you are on the platforms, you will really get the opportunity to witness how beautiful the trees and the surrounding mountains really are. For those of you not entirely fond of heights, I would advise not looking down, but instead looking outwards at the breathtaking view – it feels almost other-worldly up there amongst the trees.

After your adventure, take the opportunity to trek through the jungle below until you reach one of Koh Samui’s most spectacular waterfalls and take a refreshing dip in the swimming hole below it before being transferred back to your hotel.


1500 baht