Samui Snake Farm

Snakes have always received a bit of a bad rap.  Seen as scary and slimy, most people shudder at the mere mention of their name, but a visit to the Samui Snake Farm may well cure you of that.  It’s an easy drive down to the south-west corner of Koh-Samui where you will find the Snake Farm surrounded by stunning, tropical jungle, and a visit here will be both entertaining and educational.

With two Guinness Book Records under their belt, one for “The Longest Stay with Centipedes” and one for “The Longest Stay with Scorpions”, the Koh Samui Snake farm knows a thing or two not only about snakes, but all kinds of creepy crawlies.  Both the “Centipede King” and the “Scorpion Queen” will perform shows daily, demonstrating their knowledge and love for their charges.  It is quite a sight to witness the highly venomous scorpions crawl all over the Scorpion Queen whilst she stands motionless and seemingly unfazed by the whole experience.

Samui Snake Farm

There are a variety of shows held here, from the ones mentioned above; to ones where the presenters interact with some of Thailand’s most feared reptiles including the King Cobra and Reticulated Python!  In the wild, a Reticulated Python could eat an animal the size of a small goat! The kids are sure to love it!

There will be opportunities for those with interest, to touch a snake, and you may be surprised to learn that they are not at all slimy, but instead smooth and clean.  Further reading and chatting to presenters at the Farm will have you discover that the sometimes unsettling tongue hiss that snakes are known for is actually their way of smelling and figuring out who and what is around them.

Thailand is home to in excess of 170 species of snakes – 50 of which are venomous!  Here you will have the chance to get up close to some of these species and learn a little more about them.  However, if snakes still aren’t your thing, you may wish to visit some of the Snake Farms’ other inhabitants, including the crocodiles (which resemble modern-day dinosaurs), lizards and insects.  If you would prefer something a little less scaly, the Farm also houses some Mongoose – formidable fighters, well known to be arch enemies of the King Cobra!

The Koh Samui Snake Farm is a tour that can be enjoyed by the whole family, with something of interest on offer for everyone.


150 baht