Tiger Zoo in Koh Samui

Discover the grandeur and magnificence of the Royal Bengal Tiger in this tour to the Koh Samui Tiger Zoo.  Located only 20 minutes from Chawang, at Ban Harn Beach, the Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium is a favorite with adults and children alike and is sure to have everyone engaged.

With fewer than 2500 left in the wild, the Royal Bengal Tiger is considered an Endangered Species that could be extinct in the wild within as little as 50 years.  Naturally occurring in India and Nepal, these enormous carnivores can weigh up to 500 pounds and, when hungry, bring down an animal as large as a young elephant.  With a whole family of Royal Bengal Tigers, the Samui Tiger Zoo is the perfect place to get up close to these majestic creatures.

tiger zoo

Not restricted to Tigers, the Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium also houses leopards, otters, cheetah, exotic birds, sea lions, fish and reptiles.  Throughout the day you will find shows that demonstrate the intelligence and agility of the Tiger and Leopard, as well as the strong bond that is formed between themselves and their trainers.  Seeing how high the tigers can jump and exactly how powerful their jaws are will have you completely enthralled and maybe even a little terrified!

Not to be outdone by the Tigers, the Sea Lions put on a wonderfully entertaining show that the children will love.  You will marvel at just how fast these Sea Lions can move through the water, and how incredibly playful they can be. Just remember not to sit too close to the front or you may get splashed by one of the seals!

During special times of the year, you will have the opportunity to have your picture taken with a tiger cub as you bottle-feed it milk.  This is a very special experience that will not soon be forgotten, and something that not many people get to do.

Once you have had your fill of carnivorous mammals, you can make your way across to the Aquarium side of the zoo for a special glimpse into the underwater world of Thailand.  Thailand is famous for its brightly colored hard corals and tropical fish, and here you will have the opportunity to view both. With exhibits of Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish and Yellow-tailed Barracuda, you will be racing off to book a snorkeling tour so that you can witness them all in their natural habitat here in the waters off Koh Samui!


250 baht